What Does A Billionaire, A Rock Star, And A Former VP Have In Common?

George Soros, billionaire and main financier (12.5 million so far) of the Democrat movement to defeat George Bush, said the US war on terror had claimed more innocent lives than the Sept 11 attacks on the United States. He further stated that the photos depicting US troops abusing Iraqi prisoners was "not a case of a few bad apples, but a pattern tolerated and even encouraged by the authorities."

Only in a world where intellectual dishonesty prevails. In reality, we have become the liberators for millions, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

Soros evidently has inside knowledge that if America had not retaliated for the incredible mass murder on September 11th the terrorists wouldn't have killed anymore Americans on US soil? Don't you believe it. The fact that we have not seen another similar attack is entirely due to President Bush's resolve and determination.

Liberals don't mind the term 'war on terror' as long as it's a figure of speech, which former President Clinton perfected, but lo and behold - President Bush "meant it literally"! He's actually fighting the terrorists! Let's all wring our hands and mourn for the poor victimized Islamofascists...

Yes, that's right. The sugar-daddy for the Democrat party is saying that the scandal at Abu Ghraib is the same as the September 11 attack on America. After being introduced to the MoveOn.org crowd by Senator Hillary Clinton, Soros said it was only "American supremecy" that took us to Iraq. He stated that there were no WMDs in Iraq, that there was no connection between Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and he found it "most galling" that we went to wear in Iraq for the Iraqi people.

Morrissey, former lead singer for The Smiths turned solo artist, announced gleefully that Reagan died during his concert.

Thank God I never spent one penny of my money on The Smiths or Morrissey. It just proves that even though the UK has been our friend since we saved their islands from German destruction and rule, not everyone over there has a spark of intelligence. Morrissey, you've opened your mouth, inserted your foot, and then shoved your entire head right up your ass.

Al Gore, former Vice-President of the United States:

He then went on to say that he and millions of liberals put partisanship aside after 9/11 and waited for Bush to lead, but instead Bush "betrayed America".

Did Al sleepwalk for eight years during the 1990s? Apparently so. Apart from inventing the internet, Al himself is a body of truth, right?

George W Bush must win in 2004. We cannot turn America over to liberals who would pacify terrorists, raise taxes for social programs that enslave Americans, diminish our military, and put us in harm's way of severe terrorist attacks in our cities and towns by morally equalizing Islamofascism and responding to mass-murdering terrorists with police techniques. This isn't your parents and grandparents Democratic party anymore - it's been completely taken over by socialist radicals. Moderates must pay close attention this year, it's a life and death matter.