Death Watch

The media these days ... what is with the daily, minute-by-minute update on casualties in Iraq? Good thing it wasn't like this during World War II or we'd have had alot more trouble winning. It's like the media covers these numbers with glee - gotta be something they can stick to Bush to hurt his chances in November.

People - war is hell. It isn't a walk in the park. Soldiers will get killed by the enemy. The trick is to kill more of them. We should carpet-bomb Fallujah, or drop a MOAB or two, maybe a couple of daiseycutters for good measure. Show the rebel factions in Iraq that we are not playing here - they will become unified behind our effort to help Iraq become a democracy or they will die.

Liberal Media Upset By Kerry Pic - Blaming Bush

John Kerry donned what looks like a pair of footie pajamas at NASA, and pictures were taken. Photo op or photo embarassment, it looks really really stupid. At any rate, the Kerry camp claims the picture was 'leaked' ...

"This was a leaked photo," Mary Beth Cahill, campaign manager for John Kerry, said an interview with FOX News on Tuesday.

Asked by FOX News' Brit Hume if a dirty trick was being played, Cahill didn't answer the question directly but said: "What do you think?"

The photograph came from NASA who documented Kerry's tour on film. A NASA spokesman said that the pictures were first given to the Kerry campaign for review before publishing them, in no way were they 'leaked'.

The libs realized after the fact that the picture makes Kerry look like the genuine boob he is, and are racing to do damage control. Of course it stands to reason the blame is on Bush ...

Similarities have been noted between this picture gaffe and the 'flying squirrel' picture that ended the Dukakis bid for the White House.