SF Gallery Owner Smacked Over Abu Ghraib Art

An art gallery owner in San Fransisco bears a painful reminder of America's indecision over the issue of abuse in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

The owner, Lori Haigh, has been subject to alot of angry verbal outlash after she installed a painting titled "Abuse" in her gallery on May 16th. But on last Thursday evening, someone took high offense and punched Lori in the face, bloodying her nose and brow. The painting is by Berkeley (of course!) artist Guy Colwell.

Yes, it is. It became art-politics when you placed a volatile painting in your gallery. Just how balanced will an artist from Berkeley be? No agenda? Think again. So you got yelled at, spit on, and punched. I guess you've suffered abuse like the so-called Iraqi prisoners have, huh? Uh-oh, that means we non-radically-Leftist-Americans are guilty of perpetual abuse at home and abroad, doesn't it?

I Don't Know...

... if THIS is serious or a spoof, since the site is not in English. But it is an 80s throwback, and quite funny.

I found the above link at this blog I recently stumbled across. I am completely impressed with Steve Zimmerman. He's an intelligent young Republican with great taste in humor ... like me, except for the 'young' part.