At Ronald Reagan's State Funeral, CNN's camera's caught Bill and Hillary nodding off.

I find it hard to believe that they were sleepy. I have serious doubts they were up late shagging ... each other at least.

Theory: Knowing full well the eyes of the world would be upon them at the state funeral of one of America's most beloved presidents, Bill and Hillary pretended to drift off to sleep as a symbolic gesture of their political stance against Reagan and all he stood for, mostly the conservative revival in America.

Can you say 'trailer trash'? You can dress up a skunk in alot of diamonds and fancy clothes. You can drive a skunk around in a limousine. You can chauffer the skunk to all the elegant events -- no matter, it's still a skunk.

Libs Boo-Hoo'ing Over Fox News Popularity

Jealousy is never pretty, especially when worn by those who have the majority in something and complain over their competition's small slice.

MoveOn.org and Common Cause, two left-wing partisan groups, have filed complaints with the FCC that the Fox News slogan "Fair & Balanced" is untrue. Truth is, Fox has been a welcome relief from the decades-old filibuster in the media held by liberals. It's no secret that the mainstream media outlets have long dominated the industry with their biased view and liberal slant to the news they show America. When Fox News came along, they were at first dismissed by mainstream as not a likely threat. But as Fox grew in popularity, liberals became alarmed that they were losing their stranglehold. MoveOn.org, the main complainant in this ridiculous assertion, is farther left than the average Democrat. To whine about the slogan Fox uses is a look into the impotence they feel.

Let the market bear it out - Fox News is popular for a reason.